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As a skilled vascular surgeon, Xenophon P. Xenophontos, MD, FACS, FSVS, offers effective, in-office solutions for unsightly veins, like spider veins and varicose veins. At his vascular surgery office in Garden City, New York, Dr. Xenophontos provides customized treatment plans to reduce the appearance of unsightly veins and boost your overall vascular health. If you’re looking for solutions to treat spider or varicose veins, contact Dr. Xenophontos today by phone or by using the online booking feature.

Veins Q & A

What’s the difference between spider and varicose veins?

Spider veins are small capillaries often seen on the legs that become enlarged when dysfunctional valves allow blood to leak and pool in the vessel.

Varicose veins are also the result of weak valves in the larger veins of the legs that become enlarged due to the backflow of blood. This type of vein disorder tends to be more bothersome than spider veins because varicose veins can grow large and twisted, often causing discomfort or pain.

These vein disorders tend to affect the legs because of the increased difficulty blood has traveling against gravity to flow back to the heart. You may be at increased risk for vein disorders if you have a family history of varicose or spider veins or underlying health issues, like blood clots or damage from direct trauma.

How are spider veins and varicose veins diagnosed?

Diagnosing spider and varicose veins can be done through a physical exam. Dr. Xenophontos may also require an ultrasound of the affected blood vessels to ensure there are no blockages or other more serious complications.

During your evaluation, Dr. Xenophontos reviews your medical history and can discuss any pain or other symptoms you have as the result of varicose veins. He can recommend treatment based on your needs. While some people choose to treat spider and varicose veins for cosmetic reasons, you may also need to treat enlarged veins to prevent blood clots and other complications.

What are the available treatments for veins?

Initially, Dr. Xenophontos may recommend conservative treatments, like the use of compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. If this isn’t enough to prevent or treat the veins, he can perform an in-office treatment known as sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of medications to shrink the affected veins, which your body eventually reabsorbs naturally. Blood reroutes to nearby healthy veins, and your varicose and spider veins eventually fade away.

In some cases, Dr. Xenophontos may use laser technologies to destroy the affected veins or perform a minimally invasive surgical procedure to completely remove the enlarged vein. For spider veins, he uses the Cutera® CoolGlide® Excel® laser, and for varicose veins, Dr. Xenophontos relies on the Biolitec® Ceralas® E15 1479nm laser, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If you need an evaluation of varicose or spider veins, schedule an appointment with Xenophon P. Xenophontos, MD, FACS, FSVS, today online, or by calling the office.